Is Black Lives Matter Trademark

Nobody seems to understand why individuals started using #BlackOutDay to post the black squares, or when the #blacklivesmatter hashtag got added on. Kylie Jenner posted a black square to her Instagram feed - black lives matter hashtags.A video scroll of the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag on Instagram proves her point: It's row after row of black squares, with extremely few posts of note in between./>Black Lives Matter hashtag for Blackout ...By Tuesday early morning, thousands of individuals had begun garnishing their posts with the #blackoutday and #blacklivesmatter hashtags."Five or six years of work, all those resources, all that work and documentationand now we have millions of black squares?"

Black Lives Matter: More Than A Hashtag ...

In the past, "blackface bots" have actually been utilized to press political agendas on social media.

Not known Facts About #Blacklivesmatter: Combing Through 41 Million Tweets To ...type=thumbnail_1024x576&url=2SOp6z_0PDys9Cr00" alt="Black Lives Matter: Why It's More Than ..."